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Stretching and Movement       Stretching for EveryBODY    Stretching and Classes



In-person Assisted Stretching and Stretching Instruction sessions
are now available on a limited basis.

Please view the Massage page for safety measures, client guidelines and prices.

The information for a stretching session is the same as for a massage session.

Massage and stretching sessions can be combined.


One-on-one Active Stretching Consultations are available via ZOOM with Barry Bailey, MS, LMT, Active Stretching Instructor/Coach.

Personal consultations are beneficial for those seeking guidance for easing tight or sore muscles, increasing flexibility, speeding muscle growth and improving agility and balance.

If you are training for a sport or for competition and you want guidance for doing the stretches done by Olympic and professional athlete winners, Active Stretching is for you.

If you are willing to take the personal responsibility of learning and practicing, a ZOOM Active Stretching Consultation may be helpful.





Introduction to Active Stretching   

How Active Stretching Works    

How To Do Active Stretching    

Tips For Doing Better Active Stretching

#1 Opening Sequence - Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY Class

#2 Sequence - Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY  Class

#3 Sequence - Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY Class

#4 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY class

#5 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY

#6 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY

 Da Vinci Stretch    

Soldier Stretch  


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Why Stretch?
Movement is life!

     The body depends on movement to remain healthy. Without movement, the body would shrivel up and die. Movement is what keeps your blood flowing (the heart), and your food digested, absorbed and evacuated (stomach and intestines) and your eyes moisturized (tears and blinking). Think about any one of these movement functions stopping, and imagine the consequences.

     Muscles must also move in order to remain healthy and fully functional. When muscles are not used, they loose their ability to contract and perform as they were intended to. They may become weak or they may become tight, and when eventually used, be painful. 

     When muscles are held in an unnatural position (sleeping with your head in an awkward position, viewing a computer screen located to the side, long trips in a plane or car when you turn your head to talk to someone or look out the window) for long periods of time, the muscles become sore and tight due to over stretching on one side and a maintained contraction on the other.

     When muscles repeat movement over and over (running, lifting weights, assembly line work, computer mouse clicking) the muscles become programmed to continue these contractions that have been repeated and they continue to contract after the activity has ended. The result is tight (contracted), sore muscles that do not get a break, rest or recovery time.

     When muscles are overused (too much movement, new movement) they become tight and sore and we have a tendency to not use them or to not use the joint involved, for fear of feeling the return of pain. I call this painaphobia. Controlled, Active Stretching is exactly what is needed to erase the tightness and pain and restore the muscle to normal.

Stretching and Fascia
    Individual muscles are designed to move independent of each other. Fascia, a strong thin continuous membrane, separates one muscle from the other. It continuously surrounds every muscle and organ of your body. Without movement, muscles get stuck to each other. Gil Hedley, an expert on fascia and movement presents a wonderful explanation of why stretching is needed by the body in his famous Fuzz Speech on YouTube. I invite you to view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FtSP-tkSug . What he says should convince you how necessary daily stretching is to your health and wellness.

Active Isolated Stretching
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is the creation of Aaron Mattes who continues to refine and developing it at his Clinic in Sarasota Florida. Mattes, a Kinesiotherapist and Massage Therapist,  first worked with AIS in the 1970s in College in  Illinois.

     Mattes lectures internationally and has rehabilitated thousands of subjects including the rich and the famous, which he is always quick to tell you. He has used AIS with entertainment celebrities, famous politicians and hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes as well.

     Active Isolated Stretching is "natural" stretching, using the movement of the body, the breath and a Mind-Body Connection to accomplish its unique results.

     AIS is the foundation on which Barry Bailey's Active Stretching for EveryBODY and Soft Tissue Active Recovery Technique (STAR Tech) are based.

 Pump Stretching/Active Stretching
     Active Isolated Stretching is actually Pump Stretching, a stretch that involves active, continuous pumping movement. A joint is taken through its full range of motion using a pumping motion that mimics the natural way in which your body moves all the time. Think walking, running, rowing. Active Stretching takes a joint through its full range of motion, encouraging the muscles involved to restore themselves to their shortened relaxed length. An Active Stretch is held for only one and a half to two seconds, which prevents the muscle from tightening in response to the muscle's perceived threat to its safety, which is created with each stretch.

     Active Stretching is the foundation on which STAR Tech Healing is built. By using the natural movement of the body, the body recognizes trouble spots that need attention. By doing repeated specific movement, the body focuses in on problems that exist and is stimulated to recover and heal itself.

     Active Isolated Stretching and Pump Stretching are completely natural and are based on how the body works. It is not based on a man-made system that tries to force muscles to achieve a goal that is not natural, practical, scientific or beneficial.

No Sweat Exercise
     In the May 2007 issue of the Harvard Medical School's Harvard Men's Health Watch publication, an article on moderate exercise involving no pain and big gains cited "'no sweat' exercise can help reduce the risk of stroke . . . diabetes . . . dementia . . . fractures . . . breast cancer and colon cancer". The author adds "exercise is also one of the two available ways to slow the physiological changes associated with ageing". Active Stretching for EveryBODY is a perfect example of "no sweat" exercise as recommended by the Harvard medical School.

Stretching and STAR Tech Treatments
    Muscle stretching is the major reason STAR Tech Treatments are so effective. The joint  movement accomplished by specific stretching jump starts the body's healing and recovery mechanisms. A Mind-Body connection is established and strengthened with repeated use. Regardless of who is guiding or leading the stretching (the therapist, or the individual), the movement can have a profound recovery and healing effect on the stretcher's body.

     Clients use Active Stretching/Pump Stretching both during and after a STAR Tech treatment. Stretching after a treatment is very important because it maintains the recovery and healing gains that have been accomplished by the treatment. Stretching also reminds to body to continue healing after the treatment has ended. It acts as reinforcement of the gains made by the work done by the therapist.

Stretching Classes

       Active Isolated Stretching is the major tool used by students in the Active Stretching for EveryBODY Classes. This stretching class not only helps to heal troubled muscle areas, it can also provide numerous other health benefits as well. When stretching actively (as opposed to a standard static stretch), the entire body as well as the brain becomes involved. A strong Mind-Body Connection is established. With additional Active Stretching sessions, that Mind-Body Connection strengthens even more. Every system of the body and every cell of the body is ultimately effected. (see the Benefits of Active Stretching below)
     With Active Stretching for EveryBODY, muscle-specific stretching has the ability to achieve numerous  worthwhile results. The stretching we do in class is gentle, specific and focused. Force and extreme pressure are never used. All stretches are controlled and self-monitored. The class is non-competitive, with the encouragement to do only what your body wants to do at the particular moment.

     Results of Active Isolated Stretching are often immediate and measurable.

    Perhaps most important is the fact that Active Stretching is FUN!

Photo courtesy Joe Turner, Joe Turner Photography,  Stoneham, MA

Check the Products page for items available related to the Active Stretching classes.



Private Stretching Sessions
     Private Stretching Sessions with Barry can be helpful as Muscle Maintenance or for Rehabilitation from muscle soreness or from an injury.

Barry Bailey assists Jack Casey               Barry Bailey assists with a Straight Leg
in a Private Active Isolated Stretching         Hamstring Stretch
Photo courtesy Community Newspaper Company        Photo courtesy Joe Turner, Joe Turner Photography,
Karen Sparacio, Photographer                                    Stoneham, MA

        Private Stretching Sessions will benefit individuals of all ages and of all levels of fitness.
     These stretching sessions will help Athletes increase their Range of Motion (ROM), their flexibility and their muscle strength. Active Stretching will help the Athlete to train and perform longer and better, and help to keep them pain-free and injury-free. Stretching after a workout at the Gym is the best compliment to exercise that you can do. Numerous Olympic Athletes use Active Isolated Stretching as an integral part of their training and as their preparation for competition.

     Yoga Practitioners will do a much better Yoga class after complimenting it with a stretching session.

     Your Private Stretching Session is about you. You choose what kind of instruction or assistance you want.


Barry Bailey assists with a Hip Rotator Stretch                                        Barry Bailey assists with a Da Vinci Stretch
Photo courtesy Joe Turner, Joe Turner Photography,                                                           Photo courtesy Joe Turner, Joe Turner Photography,
Stoneham, MA                                                                                                                Stoneham,. MA

The Body Wants to Be Well
      The body wants to be well and will do all it can to maintain its good health. By stretching regularly, you can help your body achieve its goal of continued wellness. When doing Active Stretching on a regular basis, a strong Mind-Body Connection is developed. This Mind-Body Connection will help the stretching individual to recognize more quickly when the body needs assistance in its effort to be well.

 Stretching and Yoga
     Active Isolated Stretching, or Pump Stretching is very much like Yoga, but is generally more active.  Stretching for EveryBODY Classes offer many of the benefits Yoga offers in terms of keeping your body healthy. Both Yoga and Active Stretching aid the user in recognizing what the body needs, by developing a stronger Mind-Body connection.

     If you already enjoy doing Yoga, Stretching for EveryBODY Classes will allow you to do a more complete and efficient Yoga class. “You should stretch to do Yoga. You should not do Yoga to stretch.” is taught by Yoga Bhushan Yogi Vinay Rai of India. Stretching for EveryBODY is the perfect exercise partner for Yoga enthusiasts.

     If the quiet, stillness and meditation aspects of Yoga do not appeal to you, Active Stretching for EveryBODY is the answer. This is Active Stretching. No poses, no static holds, but rather Active Pump Stretching. Movement, movement, movement.

Stretching for EveryBODY Class
    The routine we do in the Full Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY Class includes over 70 stretches that address the major muscles and major muscle groups of the body, in one hour.

    Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes focus literally on stretching that is appropriate for Every Body, regardless of size, shape, physical condition or age. Stretching for EveryBODY  is appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness. Active Stretching Classes will be beneficial for those who are active as well as for those who are not so active, or even sedentary.   

    Through the years, Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes have had students that ranged in age from eight years old to eighty five years old. Fitness levels of the students have ranged from those who could barely move to elite athletes and everything in between.

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Stretching for EveryBODY

Some Benefits of Active Stretching

bulletReduces Stress
bulletImproves Circulation
bulletImproves the Supply of Oxygen to Muscles, Organs.
bulletIncreases the Supply of Oxygen to the Brain which can improve memory and aid creativity
bulletImproves Flexibility
bulletIncreases Range of Motion
bulletImproves Balance
bulletImproves Posture
bulletReduces Muscle Tightness and Spasms
bulletDecreases Soreness and Pain in Soft Tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia)
bulletPromotes and speeds the Growth and Repair of Muscles
bulletHelps to Strengthen and Tone Muscles.
bulletHelps to balance pairs of muscles and opposing muscles, thus reducing the chance of injury due to muscle imbalance
bulletEnhances muscle endurance
bulletSpeeds Recovery from Muscle overuse
bulletSpeeds Healing from Soft Tissue Injuries
bulletStimulates the Lymphatic System
bulletImproves Skin Tone and Quality

Lowers blood pressure

bulletHelps to Slow the Ageing Process
bulletCan actually Reverse some Effects of the Ageing Process
bulletIncreases Energy
bulletIncreases Longevity
bulletContributes to an Overall Healthier Body when Performed Consistently.

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Stretching and Classes

Stretching Done In Active Stretching Classes
and in the Treatment Room

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) – AIS is the foundation for the Active Stretching  that is used in the STAR Tech Healing treatment room as well as in  the Active Stretching for EveryBODY Classes. AIS is state-of-the-art stretching. It is based on the natural way the body moves, heals and corrects itself. AIS is gentle and highly effective. It is appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness.
     AIS is the creation of Aaron Mattes. He has been developing and clarifying his stretching techniques for over thirty years. He currently works out of his clinic in Sarasota Florida. His focus and continuing stretch developments have been in the medical/rehabilitation field, and with using stretching to help train and rehabilitate serious and elite athletes.

Passive Gravity Breath Stretching – Passive Gravity Breath Stretching is a variation of certain yoga techniques. It is stretching done without active movement, using only the force of gravity and the relaxation message of the breath to release muscle tension. Unlike AIS, it is done without using additional assistance.

    Passive Gravity Breath Stretches are included in the Active Stretching classes.


STAR Stretching – STAR (Soft Tissue Active Recovery Technique) Stretching is a healing/recovery technique. It promotes accelerated recovery and healing within a specific muscle or trouble area. STAR Stretching is used extensively in the massage treatment room during STAR Tech treatments.
     STAR Stretching is an important element in the Self-Help Pain Relief Workshops.
      A limited amount of STAR Stretching may be included in the Active Stretching classes.

Stretching for EveryBODY Classes - Stretching for EveryBODY is natural stretching offered as ongoing weekly classes. Pump Stretching works the way the body works, gently coaxing the body to be more comfortable with itself. By using gentle structured movement, the body recognizes any losses in flexibility and range of motion. The body is jump-started to heal and recover troubled areas when stimulated by Active Stretching.
     Stretching for EveryBODY is interesting and fun to do. Stretching for EveryBODY is non-competitive. The emphasis in  classes will be for each person to reach the comfortable limits of movement and have fun doing it. No pressure will ever be placed on the student to push farther than their body wants to go.
     Stretching for EveryBODY is fast. Each stretch is held for only one and a half to two seconds. A series of stretches are done quickly, with each stretch targeting a specific muscle group, muscle or muscle part. Individual stretch sets take seconds to do, not minutes, as is the case with Static Stretching. Results from Active Stretching are often immediate and measurable.
     Stretching for EveryBODY is adjustable to each individual. Each student will do what is comfortable without regard to what the teacher or anyone else in the class is able to do.

A Peaceful and Painless Experience - Aaron Mattes, developer of Active Isolated Stretching says “Stretching should be a painless process to help improve the quality of life.”  He adds, “Stretching should be a painless, peaceful experience.”

Stretching Not Done In Class
or in the Treatment Room


What Active Stretching is NOT - Some Other Kinds of Stretching.

Active Stretching is NOT Static Stretching.
     Static Stretching is possibly the most well know form of stretching being used today. It has been taught and used for many years, and is still used and recommended by many fitness professionals and health practitioners.     
     Static Stretching is done by going into a stretch, and holding the stretch for five, ten, fifteen or more seconds. Some Static Stretching may be held for minutes. Static Stretching is often accomplished by added force or leverage to create pressure which is believed to "stretch" muscles. The intent is to try to force the muscle to stretch by using force and time, both of which, in this practitioner's opinion, are unnatural. The body does not function this way and therefore will not stretch this way. How many functions of the body are accomplished by force and holding?
     We now know that the body responds to this aggressive form of stretching by actually contracting the muscles that are being "stretched". It is believed by some authorities that Static Stretching actually has a negative effect on the muscles that are being targeted and “stretched” – it irritates them and makes them even more tight and painful. Immediate results are certainly not to be expected or witnessed.
     In STAR Tech Healing classes and in the treatment room, Static Stretching is never used.

Active Stretching is NOT Ballistic Stretching
     Ballistic Stretching is stretching in which arms, legs or other body parts are flung through a range of motion, using the speed and force of the movement to achieve a “stretch”.
      Ballistic Stretching is an excellent way to tear or otherwise injure muscles, due to the forceful, uncontrolled nature of the movement involved. Ballistic Stretching tears muscle fibers, increases inflammation and causes a build-up of scar tissue in the muscles, which in turn decreases their strength and their ability to contract and stretch efficiently.
     We never do any Ballistic Stretching in Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes. All stretches are controlled and safe.

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Aaron Mattes Seminar Series: http://www.stretchingusa.com
Bailey Therapeutic Massage: http://www.startechhealing.com/BMassage.htm 

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