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Class Schedule        Additional Classes     
 STAR Tech healing And Learning Center    
Class Descriptions         Class Fees
         Private Instruction  

Class Etiquette


All In-Person Stretching Classes are Suspended until Further Notice

Active Stretching classes are available via ZOOM and on YouTube - See Below



Class #


Anticipated Students Attending







November 12, 2021

10:00 am

1. Dan D
2. Arleigh L [Ontario, Canada]
3. Peter M
4. Panni M [Budapest, Hungary]
5. Richard F
6. Nandy B
7. Susan A
8. Kath R [Kalamazoo, Michigan]
9. Katrina W
10. Walter S
11.Joan C
12. Kathy C
13. Donald T [Kingfield, Maine]
14. Michael P







November 19, 2021

10:00 am

1. Dan D
2. Arleigh L [Ontario, Canada]
3. Peter M
4. Panni M [Budapest, Hungary]
5. Richard F
6. Nandy B
7. Susan A
8. Kath R [Kalamazoo, Michigan]
9. Katrina W
10.Walter S
11.Joan C
12.Kathy C


Full body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY classes via ZOOM are $8 per class.
Classes may be purchased in multiples of 8 - $8, $16, $24, etc
Payment may be made via PayPal or by personal check made out to Barry Bailey.
Contact the instructor for payment instructions.

If you still own a Budget Stretcher Card for the Maynard classroom classes,
you may use one “punch” remaining on your card for two ZOOM classes.
Contact the instructor to set up a plan.


ZOOM Class Registration

To register for a class you wish to attend, contact the instructor
and receive instructions for payment and the ZOOM link to the class.
The ZOOM class link will not be made public.




All In-Person Massage and Stretching Appointments are Suspended until Further Notice



One-on-one Active Stretching Consultations are available via ZOOM with Barry Bailey, MS, LMT, Active Stretching Instructor/Coach.

Personal consultations are beneficial for those seeking guidance for easing tight or sore muscles, increasing flexibility, speeding muscle growth and improving agility and balance.

If you are training for a sport or for competition and you want guidance for doing the stretches done by Olympic and professional athlete winners, Active Stretching is for you.

If you are willing to take the personal responsibility of learning and practicing, a ZOOM Active Stretching Consultation may be helpful.



    IS NOW ON    


Introduction to Active Stretching   

How Active Stretching Works    

How To Do Active Stretching    

Tips For Doing Better Active Stretching


#1 Opening Sequence - Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY Class

#2 Sequence - Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY  Class

#3 Sequence - Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY Class

#4 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY class

#5 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY

#6 Sequence – Full Body Active Stretching 4 EveryBODY


 Da Vinci Stretch    

Soldier Stretch  

Quadriceps and Hip Flexor Stretches  

Hip Adductors Stretches  


Lower Legs 


Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and leave comments as well.

Click on the Bell to receive notification of new videos on my channel.



Active Stretching Classes are on-going classes. They have been offered at the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center in Maynard, Massachusetts since 2003.

   Classes meet three times each week. See the schedule below.

    There are no specific blocks of time in which these classes are offered. There is no "beginning" and "end" of "class bocks". Students are free to come to one or more classes each week, or no classes at all.

     Newcomers are welcome at each class.
    Your first class is FREE.

    Drop-in fee is $15 per class. Discount Cards are available and are valid indefinitely, so you don't forfeit your money if you miss a class or classes.

    No levels exist in Active Stretching. Each student does what is comfortable and safe for him or her to do with each stretch, at that particular moment.

     Class time is spent doing a fixed routine of Active Stretches that is repeated at each class. Other stretches may be added as an individual's need is expressed for addressing a specific problem that day.

    There is no lecture during the class. Information and instructions are given as the class actively progresses. New students are encouraged to arrive early for class and learn before the class begins how and why we are stretching.

     Active Stretching addresses muscles as a form of maintenance and a method of muscle injury recovery, by taking joints through their full range of motion, naturally, and strengthening the Mind-Body Connection.

     Active Stretching is appropriate for all individuals, regardless of their age, flexibility or range of motion. Every Active Stretch is done within each individual's limits, without forcing a stretch or causing possible injury.

     Active Stretching is FUN stretching. Active Stretching is never boring. The class moves along quickly. It is energizing, and fun as well as relaxing.

Important: Before attending an Active Stretching class, please check the Master Calendar for an up-to-the-minute schedule of classes, including any class that has been cancelled.

Class Schedule

Ongoing Classes

These classes are suspended until further notice






7:30 AM
8:30 AM

Full Body
Active  Stretching For EveryBODY

60 minute class

Barry Bailey



6:30 PM
7:30 PM

Full Body
Active  Stretching For EveryBODY

60 minute class


Barry Bailey



9:30 AM
10:30 AM

Full Body
Active  Stretching For EveryBODY

60 minute class

Barry Bailey




$15 Drop-In

$120 Budget Stretcher Card - 10 Classes



Stretching Classes are ongoing
Classes are held at the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center,
Suite 202, 14 Nason Street, Maynard, MA 01754

For more information call Barry Bailey at
Bailey Therapeutic Massage, 978  897-0110
E-mail Barry Bailey at barrybailey201@gmail.com for further information

Watch for other classes as they are added to this schedule.

Check the Master Calendar for a complete schedule of classes including no-class days.

Check the Workshops page for a schedule of one day workshops that address a variety of subjects and issues.

Check the Products page for items available related to the Active Stretching classes.


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    We’re on Facebook!

We now have the ability to instantly send out important updates to our Fans who have joined us on Facebook. We will send out up-to-the-minute information about classes, events and items of interest to our Fans. Updates can include class cancellations due to illness or weather, new workshops and class schedules, and special offerings.

Become a Fan of the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center by clicking on:

Receive Class Updates

To receive regular updates of the Workshops, Classes and Special Events
that are being offered at the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center,
you can subscribe to the STAR Tech Healing Newsletter and Update Bulletin
at barrybailey201@gmail.com .
Please list your primary areas of interest:
Workshops, Classes, Special Events, Pain Relief, Massage.
Note: you can unsubscribe at any time
by simply replying to a Newsletter or Bulletin and typing in "Unsubscribe".

STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center

Teaching the world how to heal itself -- one BODY at a time!


     The STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center, is located at 14 Nason Street, Maynard, Massachusetts in the People's Theatre Office Building. It is a space devoted to helping individuals to become empowered in improving their own health and well-being. We pride ourselves in teaching the world how to heal itself -- one BODY at a time!
     Our goal is to offer a variety of Classes and Workshops that will appeal to a mixture of individuals who have different goals as to how they would like to start their journey to become pain-free and remain well.
     As more teachers offer classes in a variety of disciplines, a more well-rounded curriculum will develop.
     We are always looking for teachers of yoga, meditation, breath work and similar holistically-oriented subjects.


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Class Descriptions


Learn the da Vinci Stretch --

The most valuable stretch you can do!

Break the Pain Code!

What the Da Vinci Stretch can do for you:
Improve your Posture
Make you Taller and Straighter
Relieve Pain
Speed Muscle Recovery
Speed Muscle Growth
Increase Your Energy
Relieve Stress   
Make you Smarter
Be Better-Looking
Make Stretching ENJOYABLE!


     Start, or break up your week with a Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY class. These classes are designed to get your body moving and help your muscles recover from stress as well as from overuse during work or play. Full-Body classes address the entire body, working all the major muscle groups from the neck down to the toes.

     A Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY class is an excellent way to give your body the movement it needs to remain well.  Movement stimulates all systems of the body, helping them to function properly. Active Stretching is gentle enough for someone just starting  a stretching regime, yet powerful enough to benefit the strongest, trained athlete. Each person works at a level that is personally comfortable, without regard to what anyone else in the class is able to do.

     A Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY class is an excellent compliment to a good Workout either outdoors or at the Gym. Active Stretching accelerates muscle growth and speeds muscle recovery from physical activity, allowing you to train harder and perform better. Active Stretching also aids in balancing muscles, which helps to prevent injuries.

     A Full-Body Stretching for EveryBODY class is an excellent compliment to Yoga. Bhusahn Yogi Vinay Rai has stated, "You should stretch to do Yoga. You should not do Yoga to stretch."   Active Stretching will improve your flexibility and range of motion. By doing Active Stretching, Yoga poses that were difficult become easy to do.

     Active Stretching Classes are gentle and quiet. Stretching is done without force and always without pressure from the teacher to "go further". Improvement takes place naturally and will happen at your individual pace. Your muscles most likely got tight slowly. Reversing the tightness by relaxing and opening up the muscles will take time as well.

     Learn techniques in the class that you can use on your own outside of class.

     Leave the class with fewer aches and less pain.

     The class will leave you relaxed, refreshed and energized, preparing you for the stress and physical demands of the day ahead.

     Active Stretching is the stretching of Champions. You  will learn the stretching secrets that have made Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Andy Roddick and Michael Johnson the award winners that they are. Each athlete is at the top of his respective field, and the  Active Isolated Stretching of Aaron Mattes is a major element that helped each one of these athletes achieve these honors.

     Not an athlete? Hate or dread going to the gym? No problem. Active Stretching is suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness, or the lack of fitness. Active Stretching is adaptable to whatever you are able to do comfortably. You are never pushed into doing what your body can't do, or you do not want to do.

     And possibly most important, Active Stretching is ENJOYABLE STRETCHING. If you want to stretch but have been bored in the past doing stretches that you held for 5, 10 or more seconds, Active Stretching for EveryBODY is for you. Most first time students of the Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes are impressed at how quickly the hour has gone by and how good they feel, without any boredom.

  Barry Bailey leads an Active Stretching Workshop for the men at the
  May 2009 Massachusetts Men's Gathering (MMG). Here, the men are improving
  their posture by doing the Da Vinci Stretch with Barry.
Photo courtesy Turner Photography, Malden, MA
   (C) 2009 Joe Turner

Classes are ongoing.
No Class Blocks that force you to attend class on a fixed schedule, or forfeit the money you paid.
No fixed time frame that you must lock into.

The Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Full-Body classes are the same class format. Each class can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the participants of the class on that class day.

Take your first in-person classroom Active Stretching class with Barry FREE

Barry Bailey's Biography offers more information about him.

Active Stretching is the Stretching of Champions

Only In Maynard

     Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes are unique. It's a one-of-a-kind class. To my knowledge, no other class like it is offered in New England. No other on-going class that is specifically based on the Active Isolated Stretching of Aaron Mattes is available to New Englanders. The nearest class that comes close to being like this class is offered in New York City by Jim and Phil Wharton, my original teachers. My class is special because it offers state-of-the art stretching to EveryBODY, right here in Maynard.

     My class atmosphere is different as well. We are not a Gym. We do not attempt to be anything like a Gym. The classroom is intimate, peaceful, relaxing and absolutely non-competitive. There are no crowds, no bright lights, no clanking weight machines or hand weights, no loud music and no speaker-blasting instructions.

     Active Stretching for EveryBODY classes are unique in its broad range of attendees. The ages of students attending have ranged from those who are eight years old to those in their mid eighties, all working together and enjoying each other's company. It is not unusual to see a parent or relative and child attending together, or occasionally entire families.

     The fitness level of those attending these classes also ranges from individuals who can barely move, to elite and semi-elite athletes, as well as everything in between. Some athletes who attend regularly include runners, dancers, speed skaters, bodybuilders, rowers, hikers and cyclists. Fitness Trainers also attend and enjoy our class.

     Also, your physical size or your level of fitness doesn't matter. We welcome students of every size and shape and every fitness level to attend and benefit from the Active Stretching Classes.

     If going to the gym doesn't appeal to you and has kept you from exercising, this class is worth trying. You will be welcomed no matter what your age or fitness level. This class is for EveryBODY.

     Take your first Active Stretching for EveryBODY Class FREE to learn if it is right for you!

Barry L. Bailey, MS, LMT, Active Stretching Instructor/Coach

NOTE: Space is sometimes limited. Please call ahead (978 897-0110) or Email Barry at barrybailey201@gmail.com to check if there is still space available in the class you wish to attend.

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Active Stretching Classes with Barry

 Classes are One Hour in Length

 Walk-in Class Fee - $15 per class

Discount Budget Stretcher Card
Prepaid 10 classes for $120 (save $30)
Discount Budget Stretcher Cards
are valid as long as this class is offered.
It does not expire in ten weeks.

Take Your First Active Stretching Class with Barry in Maynard


Active Stretching Classes

    Gift Certificates

10 Classes with Barry - $120
(save $30)

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Private Stretching Instruction
with Barry "BB" Bailey, MS, LMT

      Barry "BB" Bailey, MS, LMT, Active Stretching Instructor/Coach is available for Private Stretching Instruction, Assisted Stretching Sessions and Stretch Coaching Sessions. In a Private Stretching Session, you can learn Active Isolated Stretching from scratch, learn additional new stretches or perfect the stretches you already know.
     Private Stretching Sessions can be helpful as muscle maintenance or for rehabilitation from muscle soreness or from an injury. These sessions do not include Massage, only Stretching.
     Private Stretching Sessions are useful for individuals of all levels of physical  fitness and all ages from youngsters to the elderly.
     Sessions can incorporate Active Stretching, Passive Stretching, or a combination of both. In a Passive Stretching session, the therapist does all of the work. This is sometimes a good way to start a session when muscles are hyper sensitive.


     A better, more effective approach is done with the stretcher being active with the therapist guiding and offering assistance with each stretch. Gains are faster and longer lasting with Active Stretching.
     Private sessions can help an athlete to increase Range of Motion (ROM), flexibility and muscle strength. Active Stretching will help an athlete to train and perform longer and better, and help to keep them pain-free and injury-free. Numerous Olympic Athletes, here in the USA as well as abroad, use Active Isolated Stretching as an integral part of their training. Many have won Olympic Medals and other awards.
     Stretching after your workout at the Gym is the best compliment to exercise that you can do. Your muscles will feel better, recover sooner and grow faster.
     Yoga Practitioners will find they can do a much better Yoga class after complimenting it with an Active Stretching session. Yoga Bhusahn Yogi Vinay Rai stated, “You should stretch to do Yoga. You should not do Yoga to stretch.”
     Private Stretching Sessions are held in the STAR Tech® Healing and Learning
Center where there is plenty of space to move freely.
     To learn more about Active Isolated Stretching go to Stretching.






Barry Bailey assists Jack Casey in a Private Active Stretching session.
Photo courtesy Community Newspaper Company
Karen Sparacio, Photographer

 Private Stretching Sessions

30 Minutes   $50

60 Minutes    $90

 90 Minutes     $130

Discounts for Full-Time Students and Seniors

Private Stretching Session with Barry
   Gift Certificates  
30 Minutes   $50
60 Minutes    $90

90 Minutes     $130

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Class Etiquette 


 Please arrive early so you have time to prepare properly for that class. Allow sufficient time before class is scheduled to start, to change your clothes, go to the bathroom, pay any fees that are due, or to fill out paperwork.
If this is your first time attending the class, please allow time to fill out in-take paperwork as well as time to discuss with your Instructor, your goals in taking the class, pus any physical or medical conditions you have that may require attention or modification during the class.


 Always inform your teacher before class of any injuries, special health conditions or restrictions you have, that the teacher should know about.


Wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement. You are free to wear as much or as little as you wish. We have a changing room available next to the classroom.


Bring a Yoga mat, beach towel or blanket to the Active Stretching Classes to use as your personal space in class. Yoga mats are available to borrow here iin the classroom


 Please remove your shoes before entering the classroom.


 Please turn off your cell phone, pager or any other electronic equipment that can make noise, and disrupt the class.


 Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances. Some people are allergic to strong odors. Others may not find your favorite fragrance as pleasant as you do.


 Egos and attitudes should be left outside the classroom. We emphasize that you work to do your best, without regard to what anyone else is doing or is capable of doing. 


Approach each class with an open mind. Be receptive to new ideas and new approaches.


 Take time after class to reflect on what you did in class and what new techniques or information were offered to you.


 Be mentally present during each class. Work to do your best. Leave your daily world outside the classroom, and make this time your own.


 Honor your strengths and weaknesses, accepting them as a part of who you are in being a unique human being.


 Enjoy the Class.


Help us to grow. If you have enjoyed taking a class, please tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to come and take a class too.

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This page was updated November 2, 2021


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"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it,
you have
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