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Holiday Therapy News 


STAR Tech® Healing & Learning Center





Vol. XII NO. 1
#19 - Holiday 2005                                                                                 

Greetings to our clients, students and friends!

This is our first on-line Newsletter, the purpose of which is to share some ideas with you in an effort to make the Holidays more pleasant and enjoyable for you and your loved ones. We also want to take this opportunity to let you know what we are doing. Events, classes and workshop are coming up soon. Learn about the many Gift Certificates we have available.

This being our first effort to do an on-line newsletter, we hope everyone will be able to read what has been sent out. If not, please contact me so I know that there are problems with some receivers.

WAVM Telethon

      The annual WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon will take place Friday through Sunday, December 9 – 11 at the Maynard High School Communications Center.
     For the ninth year, Barry will lead a group of Volunteer Massage Therapists who will offer FREE massage treatments to the approximately 150 students who run the Telethon. The students who come from grades five through twelve do all of the planning, producing, on-air hosting, camera work, control room work, telephone answering bids and pledges work, and everything else that is required to pull off an event this mammoth.
     Last year the students raised over $56,000 as a part of Community Newspapers’ Beacon Santa Drive to raise money to help families in need during the holidays.

Buck-A-Minute Massage

    The Telethon Volunteer Massage Team will also be offering Buck-A-Minute Massage to the public as well as to the students. Usually available will be both chair and table relaxation massage, done through clothing, without oil or lotions. All money collected will go to the Telethon.
     Come by the High School to get a massage Friday evening 8-10 pm, Saturday 8:30 am
until 9 pm, and Sunday 8:30 until 11 am.
     There is no need to schedule your treatment before arriving. Just come to the front lobby of the High School and the next available therapist, or your choice of therapist, will give you your massage. 
     Outsiders who are paying Buck-A-Minute have priority over the students for treatments, so you can be assured you will not have to stand in line behind twenty students waiting for their massage. You can request five, ten, twenty, sixty minutes of treatment. Your choice. 

TV Show

            Saturday morning at 8 am on Comcast Cable TV, Channels 8 and 10, several of the Telethon Volunteer Massage Therapists will offer demonstrations of some of the usual as well as more unusual treatments they offer back at their offices. Volunteer Paul Whittier, for one, is scheduled to demonstrate Thai Massage.
     The last ten minutes of the half hour show will be devoted to a wake up and posture-enhancing stretching class led by Barry. 

Gift Certificates

            Gift Certificates donated by the Volunteer Massage Therapists will be auctioned off during the 40 hour Telethon. Gift Certificates donated by Bailey Therapeutic Massage include two one hour Gift Certificates. STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center has donated Gift Certificates for a Private Stretching Session with Barry, and a Workshop with Barry.


Dealing with STRESS during the Holidays . . . .


Stress is often a big element of the holiday season. Stress can ruin what should be a happy, joyful time. Here are some thoughts on how to manage stress and make the holidays more manageable. 

*      Make a list of the things you must accomplish.

*      Arrange the list by priorities. What is most urgent, or most important? What must be done in order that other things can be done? Do that first.

*      Arrange the list by due dates, if there are numerous deadlines to meet.

*      Break down large tasks into smaller tasks. Tackle one small task at a time.

*      Cross off each done task as it is finished. This gives a visual and psychological sense of accomplishment.

*      Breathe. Remember the 4-4-8 breathing method from class? Four counts to bring the breath in. Four counts to hold the breath. Eight counts to let the breath out.

Do five of these, and your stress will become more manageable.


Building Sold

          After over three months of dread and anticipation, our building at 14 Nason Street has been sold. The sale went through December first.
            At the present time, we are waiting to hear what, if any, changes will be made by the new owner, concerning the status of the building. Of great concern is the Learning Center, and what will happen there.
            A class schedule will not be announced for a January Yoga Class block until we are certain that the Learning Center will be able to continue to function as it has for the past fourteen months.
            Workshops have already been scheduled through March, and will be moved to another location if necessary. The Active Stretching classes will continue as usual until we learn the future of the
Learning Center.


 Gift Certificates


          As you are thinking of gift buying for the Holiday Season, please consider purchasing a Gift Certificate from Bailey Therapeutic Massage or the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center.
         With a Massage, Class and Workshop Gift Certificate, you have no worries about size, color, taste or calories
         Check out the large selection of Gift Certificates that we have to offer. There is something here for everyone.





     Once again, as she has for the last 12 years, Nancy is touring with Dance Prism's Nutcracker Ballet.  She serves as Company Massage Therapist, taking care of any injuries that crop up in the course of the rehearsals or performance. 
     Thanksgiving weekend, the ballet was performed in
Fall River. The following Sunday, performances were given in Littleton. 
     During the weekend of December 10th and 11th,
Nancy will again be volunteering at the WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon, as well as being present during the Nutcracker performances Saturday in Sudbury, and Sunday in Worcester. 
     Nancy does not travel to Dance Prism's final weekend in Andover because, by then she will be with daughter, Miranda, in South Carolina doing massage on the members of Columbia City Ballet during the last weekend of their Nutcracker!  Dancer's never turn down massage!


Managing Pain During the Holidays

             Pain is often caused by inflammation and stress. Muscle inflammation can result from tired muscles that have not recovered from work, from overuse and as a result of an injury. Many Holiday foods will exacerbate pain.
            If you are already in pain, think twice before eating foods containing ingredients from the list below. They are known to increase pain.

Foods to Avoid 

*      Sugar – stimulates the production of stress hormones

*      Caffeine – stimulates the production of stress hormones

*      Saturated Fats (the bad fats) – slow the healing process.

*      Dairy – can increase inflammation

*      Wheat – can increase inflammation

*      Chocolate – can increase inflammation

*      Alcohol  

Foods to Enjoy 

*      Fresh fruits - especially fresh pineapple.

*      Fresh vegetables, the brighter the color, the better they are for you.

*      Green tea – knocks down inflammation

*      Whole grains

*      Water

*      Foods containing oregano and tumeric


Stretching Classes

             Active Stretching for EveryBODY Classes will continue on their regular schedule through the holidays except for the Monday, January 2nd class. No class Monday January 2. I understand that some businesses celebrate that Monday as a regular holiday.

Monday, 7:30 am – Full Body Active Stretching For EveryBODY
Wednesday, 6:30 pm – Full Body Active Stretching For EveryBODY
Thursday, 9:30 am - Full Body Active Stretching For EveryBODY
Thursday 6 pm – Neck/Shoulder & Arms/Hands Overuse Pain Relief Stretching Class/Clinic

            Your first class is free.
            Please consider taking a class during the holidays if you have not taken an Active Stretching Class with Barry before.

Nancy Bailey & Barry Bailey
Bailey Therapeutic Massage

STAR Tech® Healing and Learning Center
14 Nason Street, Suites 201-2
Maynard, MA 01754
978 897-0110

             (c) 2005 Barry Bailey


"Let the
it can not
be done
not interrupt
the person
doing it."

"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it,
you have
a moral obligation to share it with others." Chinese Proverb

STAR Tech is all
one's quality
of life!




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