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Vol. XIV, NO. 3 - #23                                                                            Fall 2006



A New Look for 14 Nason Street                                





   On Friday, November 3, a new era began for the beautiful historic Maynard building known as 14 Nason Street, which houses our massage and teaching offices. Built in 1921 as the People’s Theatre, the theatre architect obviously intended for a sign to cap the façade, but no evidence exists that a sign was ever placed there.
            With new ownership of the building less than a year old, the aged People’s Theatre finally has the sign that was intended to be there -- 85 years later.  The beautiful brushed aluminum letters will be illuminated and will welcome shoppers, visitors, clients and students to the business, service and teaching establishments on Nason Street. What better way to show respect to the grand dame of downtown Maynard than with a beautiful new sign.





What’s Happening at the Learning Center?


            There is always something new happening at the learning Center. To check the schedule, you can simply go to the Master Calendar on the STAR Tech Healing website and check day by day what offerings are in place. Frequent updates will tell you if, for example, a class is still being offered, even though it is a holiday.

            Go to http://www.startechhealing.com/learning%20center.htm and scroll down to the Master Calendar.





Wellness Day




            Businesses and Services in Maynard hosted the first Maynard Downtown Wellness Day, Saturday, October 21. The day was overall, a huge success, and was a credit to the many individuals who made it happen.
            The event
started as the brainchild of Wil Ricci, co-owner of Teresina’s. His vision inspired the many other businesses to join him, and make the dream grow into a worthwhile, memorable event for Maynard.

            During Wellness Day, practitioners from Maynard and numerous surrounding cities and towns were present at various locations on Main and Nason Streets, demonstrating what each has to offer the public. In all, nearly two dozen businesses participated.

Text Box: Above: Karen Wright, LMT, Stow, (right) demonstrates a Core Integration move at the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center during the Free Class at Maynard Downtown Wellness Day 2006.
            Wellness Day offerings included free Yoga, Stretching, Core Integration, Kinetic Conversations, Chi Gong and Martial Arts classes, as well as free Chair and Table Massage. Talks and demonstrations included Skin Care, Organizing, Aromatherapy, Shamanic Healing, Raw Food, and Relaxing with Nature, to name only a few of the offerings. Free handouts included water bottles, oral hygiene goody bags and free prescription counseling.

            Feed-back from the public was positive and has already encouraged another Wellness event to be considered by the many stores and services that were involved.

            Maynard Downtown Wellness Day had an amazing bonding effect for the many businesses that make up Downtown Maynard. The event proved that great things can be accomplished when people come together with a dream and work collectively without letting egos get in the way of progress and success.











        Water is your friend!  Don’t be without it.

            Proper body hydration is necessary for healthy muscle function and maintenance as well as for your overall good health. Dehydration of the body can cause all sorts of problems from headaches and dizziness, constipation, and increased pain. Dehydration is a major cause of electrolyte imbalance. With electrolyte imbalance the function of the heart is compromised.      

            Drinking plenty of water is especially critical before and after having a massage. Massage strokes squeeze blood and lymph fluid from muscles, inviting fresh blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to enter newly relaxed muscle. Fresh blood feeds muscles encouraging growth, recovery and healing.

            The blood and lymph fluid flushed from muscles by massage travels to the kidneys where it is purified. The impurities are then eliminated by way of the bladder.

            Water has been shown to be the best first response to muscular pain. If muscles are already sore, achy or painful, dehydration will intensify that pain. Studies have shown that by simply drinking more water, pain can often be reduced.

            If you are thirsty, you have already waited too long to drink. Your body is dehydrated. Drink before your feel thirsty.

            Regular, frequent intake of water is essential to good health.






  Maynard Road Race 2006

            The Maynard/Monster Road Race took on a new and exciting look this September. Individuals and groups in addition to Massage Therapists stepped forward to volunteer their services, creating a mini Wellness Fair which supplemented the Free Massage that has been offered to the runners for the past nine years.

            The Road Race Volunteer Massage Team 2006 consisted of old timers as well as newbies. Deb Hledick (Healing Breath Body Work) represented Maynard again, and Wendy Sisson and Mary Harold-Hilton represented Be Well and Beyond in Acton. Paula Perino and Frank Wong, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Massage in Burlington, joined the old timers to practice their newly learned craft.

            Presenting at the Wellness Fest were practitioners from both Maynard and Acton. John Stevens from Kinetic Conversations on Nason Street demonstrated Feldenkrais techniques, and did free treatments. Eric Frost, from Ethereal Arts on Nason Street did Martial Arts demonstrations. Be Well and Beyond from Acton had a variety of practitioners present offering information on Psychotherapy, Acupuncture and more.







Keeping Posted

What other things your therapists are doing



        Barry led a free Active Stretching Class at the Maynard Community Farmers Market July 29th. The day proved to be dauntingly hot and humid. Stretching in the extreme heat was a challenge, but a few brave souls joined Barry and learned a bit about Active Stretching.

        Barry returned to the Maynard Community Farmer’s Market September 30th and offered Free Pain Evaluations with recommendations for pain self-relief and recovery.



x        x        x


        In October, Nancy took time off from her home health care duties to oversee costumes and scenery on Dance Prism’s new production Sorcerer’s Secrets. Using Halloween as its inspiration, all dance pieces had a Halloween element. Dances included Masque of the Red Death, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Night on Bald Mountain. Daughter Miranda choreographed The Flying Dutchman, and a comic piece to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.


x        x        x


        On November 5, Barry had the extreme pleasure of attending BodyWorlds 2, the Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies at the Museum of Science, in Boston. Barry spent four extraordinary hours observing, examining and learning from the extensive exhibit.

        An added perk to the amazing day was discovering an Anatomy teacher who was lecturing a group of students who had gathered around the Female Yoga Plastination. The teacher had obviously been to the exhibit before and was pointing out muscle and body structural subtleties that would have otherwise been easily missed by a first-time observer. His additional lectures at the Male Baseball Slugger Plastination and the Female Ballerina Plastination further added to the enjoyment of the exhibit experience.




Angel Workshops Are Popular


            Elizabeth Foley was warmly welcomed to Maynard and to the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center, when she presented two Angel Workshops in September and October.

            Touching the Angelic Realm is an introduction to angels workshop. Elizabeth explained how we connect to our various angels and gave suggestions on how to use our angels to help us live our lives more productively.

            Creating Prosperity With Your Angels was a money management overview workshop that offered an explanation of how money has energy, and how we must respect and use that energy to help ourselves financially.

            Elizabeth is an engaging and delightful speaker. She is entertaining as well as being highly informative. All of the students in her first workshop demonstrated their positive response to that workshop by returning for her second workshop.

            Elizabeth will be back at the STAR Tech Learning Center after the first of the year and will offer three workshops. She will repeat Touching the Angelic Realm Monday, February 12. Monday, January 22, Elizabeth will offer a new workshop, Spiritual First Aid For The Soul. And on March 5 and 6 she will present Developing Your Inner Power, a two night workshop which will explore releasing and using your psychic powers and intuition.

            Full information on these workshops and other workshops can be found at http://www.startechhealing.com/Public_Workshops.htm.





Acton-Boxborough Community Education

Winter Offerings


 Starting in January, Barry will offer three more classes with Acton-Boxborough Community Education. All of these classes will meet at the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center.                    
Registration and payment for these classes must be done through

the Acton-Boxborough Community Education Office.

          Full Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY (#FULL)
                        Meets Friday mornings at 9:30 for 8 weeks, starting January 26, 2007.

          Natural Relief for Lower Leg and Foot Pain (#FOOT)
Meets once, Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

          Self-Help For Neck and Shoulder Pain and Headaches (#NECK)
Meets Tuesday, February 6 and 13, 2007, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
A full description of the classes offered, as well as the complete listing of all other  ABCE classes can be found at http://comed.ab.mec.edu/fall99/start.htm.
The Acton-Boxborough Community Education Office can be reached at 978 266-2540.





2006 WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon



            The 2006 WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon will take place the weekend of December 8, 9 & 10 at the Maynard High School. The Telethon is completely run by the students at the School, as part of Community Newspaper's Annual Beacon Santa Fundraiser which is set up to aid families in need during the Holidays. The fund helps individuals in over 35 communities. 


  The Telethon is broadcast over Comcast Cable Channels 8 and 10, and on 91.7 FM Radio, plus as real-time over the internet at www.wavm.org.  Comcast Cable telecasts the Beacon Santa Telethon to Maynard, Stow, Hudson, Sudbury, Acton, Lexington, Bedford, and Framingham.

          Barry is putting together a Volunteer Massage Team for the event again this year. The Volunteer Massage Team will give free Massage Treatments (table & chair) to the students (5th grade through 12th grade) who are working the 40 hour Beacon Santa Telethon. Treatments are done through clothing without oils or lotions. 

          The Volunteer Massage Team will also offer the public "A Buck-A-Minute" Massage Treatments, with all proceeds going to the Telethon. I urge you to take time out from your busy schedule during Telethon weekend, and come to the High School lobby and get a massage from one of the volunteers. A-Buck-A-Minute massages will be offered 8 – 10 pm Friday, 9 am until 10 pm Saturday, and 8 – 11 am Sunday.

          I also urge businesses and individuals to donate a product item or Gift Certificate for service or merchandise to the Telethon, so that it can be auctioned off during the 40 hours.

          Barry will be offering a TV show during the Telethon again this year. Plans are in place to repeat a show that has been popular the past several years – “Massage and More” which will demonstrate the services other than standard chair and table massage that the Volunteer Massage Team has to offer at their places of business. Tentative time and day of the massage show broadcast is Saturday morning between 7 and 9 am. Check the schedule in the paper the week of the Telethon, or get the schedule at http://www.startechhealing.com/Free_Events.htm.





Winter Workshops


Monday, January 22, 2007     6:30 – 9:00 pm

“Spiritual First Aid for the Soul” with Elizabeth Foley        


Monday, February 12, 2007     6:30 – 9:00 pm

“Touching the Angelic Realm” with Elizabeth Foley          


Monday and Tuesday, March 5 & 6, 2007     6:30 – 9:00 pm

“Developing your Inner Power” with Elizabeth Foley        


Monday, March 19, 2007     6:30 – 9:00 pm

“Leg and Hip Stretching for Athletes” with Barry Bailey   


Full descriptions of workshops and other information available at http://www.startechhealing.com/Public_Workshops.htm




Maynard Annual Christmas Parade










            This year will mark the 40th Annual Maynard Christmas Parade. The theme for this year’s parade is “Silver Bells”. The parade is sponsored by the Rotary Club. The parade will start near Town Hall at 2:00 pm Sunday December 3rd. The parade route travels down Main Street to McDonalds, up Summer Street to Nason Street, heads down Nason Street by our office, and then spills back onto Main Street, and proceeds back down to Town Hall and the Clock Tower parking lot off Sudbury Street..

            Barry would most like to promote the STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center by forming a marching group for the parade. It seems people, 1. Still don’t know that the Learning Center exists, and, 2. They have no idea what the Learning Center is or does, since there is nothing like it anywhere else, to use as a comparison.

            Barry’s dream of actually marching in the parade, depends on the number (if any) of people who are interested in participating. A Maynard Massage Marching Kazoo Band could be fun. (I have 10 quasi band uniforms) Anyone interested in leading? Anyone with a funky car or truck to decorate? Or an open back flatbed truck that can be used for a float? How about a few pushed or pulled small floats? Several banner carriers are also needed to identify us. I have lots of costumes available that we can use. Anyone interested in being part of a Marching Active Stretching Class Group? How about a big star costume that someone wears that says STAR Tech Healing and Learning Center?

            I am inviting all of the Learning Center students from classes and workshops, plus their spouses, children and friends, as well as all of our massage clients, spouses, children and friends to join in the parade festivities. If you are interested in marching in the parade to help promote the Learning Center, please e-mail me bb601@verizon.net ASAP, and I will send you more information and instructions.           

            Otherwise, simply come and view the parade Sunday, December 3rd.  And while you’re in Downtown Maynard, check out the many wonderful shops we have that are perfect for Holiday shopping.



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